Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Purseket – Purse Organizer with Pockets - The Original Purse Organizer!

shown: Medium Panther Purseket
CODE: 005-M
Price: $20.00

I am NOT a purse-person per say, (enough Ps in there?), and I actually prefer to be completely hands-free when going out, BUT a girls gotta do what she must, and yes, I dig through my bag for everything from lip gloss to my car keys. This is the reason why I prefer satchel-style bags over hobo-style bags: satchels stand up-right and you're not digging through floppy fabric. A little sack like the Pursket can make the bag switch a little easier with all the items you never leave your home without! When I visited South Carolina, one boutique called Pink Azalea had this item for sale-- wish I had bought one back then. But no worries, here's a demo =)

As seen on TV - Purseket, the Original Purse Organizer. A panel of pockets to
load with stuff in your designer purse or handbag. Large purses or small purses
the Purseket conforms to shape of your handbag. Make your purse and handbag
bright with

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