Monday, June 1, 2009

MAC Sample Lots

If you don't already know, I love to play with makeup. Like millions, I am a MAC fan, and like some of those millions, I pick and choose which MAC products I am going to commit to and I consume products of other makeup brands: NARS, Benefit, Prestige, NYX, Coastal Scents, etc as well.

Since I like to play with different looks and pigments, I don't want to purchase whole jars. (This will also take me years to finish!) It's a great investment for colors you love, but I prefer to dabble and test here and there.

Price: $2.25

I spent $36.00 (Free Shipping on all orders of $35 and up) on 16 products from The shadows come in convenient little jars as well. That little container might be all you want and need of that color.

"Golden Olive is a high frosted green/gold.Samples will come in a standard 5g jar, or ziploc baggie depending on your choice. "

I made my sample purchase from ShopCraze instead because many of the New Products on were currently out of stock. Both sites are great sample lot sources; you just have to check back frequently for replenishment.
Happy Shopping!

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